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Purchasing on Poltrone Italia
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Right to withdraw
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Court of jurisdiction

The contract between Poltrone-Italia and the customer is concluded when the customer sends his order e-mail and it is regulated by the Italian Law. If you are not agree with our Terms and Conditions, we suggest you to contact our staff before proceeding with the order. Poltrone-Italia can decide to cancel an order if customer doesn’t provide all necessary information or when some error happen during the payment procedure. When the customer proceeds with an order e-mail, he accepts entirely all general conditions which are explained as follows.

Purchasing on Poltrone Italia
Customer can buy all products that are present on our website www.poltrone-italia.com. The photographs are purely for information.
When Poltrone Italia receives the order, it sends an e-mail to the e-mail designated by the consumer. This confirmation message contains date and hour of the order and a “client order number” which must be preserved for any further communications with Poltrone-Italia. The message reports all information the customer inserts at the moment of the order.
The customer has to communicate any corrections in accordance with modalities explained in this document. The failure of Poltrone-Italia to accept the order will be communicate promptly to the customer.

Details of delivery
In accordance to the art. 14 D.P.R. 445/2000 and D.L. 52/2004, Poltrone-Italia issues an invoice, then sends it to the e-mail designated or puts it into the package. No changes will be possible after the issue of invoice. Poltrone-Italia gives the product to the courier the day after receiving the payment. In case of delay for the execution of the order or delivery of products no responsabilities can be laid to Poltrone-Italia. At the moment of delivery, the customer has to control the following details: if the number of package is the same indicated in the order; if package is intact and there is no damage.
ossible damages or inconsistencies must be immediately reported to the courier who has to indicate on the seal all that the customer noticed and specify the type of damage even if it is very small (es. broken package, wet package, open package, etc.). Without this information on the seal, Poltrone-Italia can not accept any type of request about substitutions.
All damages about the integrity of the package must be reported to Poltrone-Italia within 3 days from the delivery by send an e-mail to assistenza@poltrone-Italia.com with photos and signed seal. If this procedure is not respected, Poltrone-Italia has no responsability.

Right to withdraw
The following information are in accordance with DL 2014 n. 21 in force for 13 June 2014 about customer protection for distance contracts. You can return or exchange one or more items within 14 days of the delivery date. All additional costs (for example insurance) are in charge of the customer. Within 14 days you have to do this actions: send an e-mail to assistenza@poltrone-italia.com with all details about shipping send the goods to the address indicated on transport documents.
The customer don’t have the right of withdraw in these cases: when goods are purchased with VAT when goods have been personalized with the additional accessories when there are hygenic reasons for specific products (for example mattress) or the goods have been opened after delivery In order to send the goods, the customer has to use the original packaging in perfect condition. After receiving the package and verifying the integrity of the product, Poltrone-Italia proceeds with the reimbursement within 14 days. The payment with bank transfer will be made the day after the customer confirms his bank details. If the customer requests a substitution with products not available in that moment, the delivery time wil change on the basis of the availability of products. At the moment of return or exchange of goods, the option “free shipping” can not be contemplated. So, Poltrone-Italia will reimburse the value of the product, IVA included, and the consumer will pay the shipping cost equal to 30 euro (if there is not other specification). Privacy Personal informations will be treated for customer requests and promotional purposes. They will not disclose to third parties. In accordance with DL 196 of 30 June 2003, Poltrone-Italia guarantees their customers the respect of law about the processing of personal data.

In accordance with art. 128-135 of Consumer Code (DL n. 206 of 6 September 2005) all our products have legal guarantee about lacks of conformity . All products must be used in accordance with their designated use and maintenance: If the packaging doesn’t contain the owner’s manual, the customer can request information to our Customer Service. The legal warranty shall be valid for 24 months and only with a proof of purchase. In accordance with art. 129 of Consumer Code, a product has a defect only if its characteristics are not in line wiht its use and its description. The defect must be reported within 2 months from its discovery.
The warranty does not cover: defects for usury defects caused from a wrong maintenance or use defects caused from wrong repairs.

Court of jurisdiction
The present contract is regulated from Italian Law and for any dispute the competent court will be the court of PESCARA.